Saturday, 1 September 2012

Technic Electric Palette - Review, Photos, Swatches

So today I went bargain hunting. I got this palette from a really random shop in St John's Precinct called "Facial Attractions". What a bizarre name! I really only picked this up for three reasons: 1) the off-chance of more neon pink eyeshadow in my life 2) it was £1.99 3) I need to practice buying makeup I can actually afford. Like I said, I only have a a phone camera, so I just have to make do picture-wise, but it really is an incredible palette for the price! In case you can't tell from the price of the palette and the name of the shop, it was WELL dodgy. However they had some brilliant little finds, such as W7's Salt n Pepper nail polish (post coming soon!) and some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes that I've never seen in the UK before.
It's called the Electric Eyes Palette, which seems to be made by EITHER "Technic" or "Badgequo", I can't really tell from the back of the package! There was a big old mess on this palette when I opened it, which is basically because the shadows are so so soft. They are really soft, smooth and buttery, almost like a cream shadow. They really do have a beautiful texture. I've only had a little swatch with them but they feel absolutely gorgeous. The top row of the palette has a soft champagne gold shimmer, a rose pink shimmer, a neon pink matte, a pinky-copper shimmer, a grass green shimmer and a sky blue shimmer. You can see from my pictures that the pigmentation on the last three shadows isn't brilliant. The grass green is so exciting in the pan, (not colour accurate in my pic - sorry!) but swatches really disappointingly. The same happens with the really vibrant blue.
However, the first three shades - the golds and the neon pink - are absolutely beautiful. The lovely texture comes into its own combined with a lot of shimmer and is really even to apply. The matte pink is a little patchier to apply but blends easily and I can imagine used with a brush over primer it would be gorgeous! The picture on the left is the first row. The picture on the right is the second row. You can see there are a couple of very similar shades in this palette - oddly enough they are very different in the pan but on the skin seem very similar. In the pan, the first shade on the bottom row seems very bright orange but swatches a muted orange with gold. Still very pretty though - if a little bit sheer. The second shade is a lovely bronze, and probably a dupe for Urban Decay Half Baked! The third shade is a definite dupe for MAC Cranberry, a very nice reddish shade with lots of shimmer. Love it.
These next couple of shades essentially make this palette worth the absolute PENNIES I paid for it. It makes it cheap at twice the price. Now, I know it looks horrendous on this picture. It's actually a really pretty teal shimmer that leans blue. The last two are beautiful: a gorgeous blue indigo and a reddish-purple. The buttery-softness of these shades bring out a beautiful sheen. I did a little googling and found the palette on Amazon for £3.49 here. Nearly twice as much as I spent on it, but still pretty cheap! I'd definitely recommend giving this a go if you like shimmers and brights as much as I do :)

Alison xx

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