Monday, 3 September 2012

NOTD - W7 Salt'n'Pepper

This is a nail varnish that is simultaneously bizarre and awesome. It looks kind of like frogspawn, and the texture manages to be patchy but too thick at the same time. It takes three coats to be even and is messy as hell (I'm still picking black glitter off my arms). However, this was another of my bargain purchases at only £1.99 and it's actually pretty cool, especially from a distance. It's the kind of nail polish that people are going to comment on. I like that because I love attention. It's a white polish base that is basically a creme but has an almost jelly-like translucency that allows the square black glitter to show through. It's not glittery in a super-sparkly kind of way, it's pretty subtle and muted...if black and white speckles can be subtle! I don't know if it'll become a favourite but it's a nice, quick and effective manicure. It has an advantage - similar to crackle polishes - of looking like hella complicated nail art when in fact it's just in a bottle. Being the poor and lazy graduate that I am, I appreciate the crap out of that. I never usually match nail polish to outfits but I think this would look lovely if you were wearing all-black - I was wearing a leopard print dress today and it just looked *wrong*. So I'll give it another shot when my maxi-dress doesn't clash :)
Alison xxx

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