Monday, 5 November 2012

Sleek & PPQ Shangri-La Collection - iDivine Respect Palette

Here's some beautiful swatches for you guys: this palette is amazing. It's a brilliant mixture of darks, pale neutrals and red-oranges. Basically I have been eyeing this for quite a while because it combines my two loves: Motown and makeup. The shade names are right up my street and they're properly amusing. So this is a mostly picture post because I think this palette MOSTLY speaks for itself... with a couple of notable exceptions...
There's a nice mix of mattes and shimmers here,  seven mattes and five shimmers. I actually quite like that there's more mattes than shimmer as it will force me to experiment with them a little more! With five very soft neutral matte shades ranging from white to cream, taupe and soft beige-brown. The texture is gorgeous but these are a little sheer for my liking. I'm sure - if they're anything like the other Sleek shadows - they're pretty buildable though, so let's not worry!

The black, bright pink and dark aubergine matte shades are just perfect: gorgeous texture and highly pigmented. LOVE THESE. It's gonna be smoky eye central up in here, let me tell you that. I looked into Topshop today and everything was plum and gold, so I'm gonna do a lovely eye with this palette based on that mix of colours.

 The shimmers are like any Sleek shimmery shadow: PERFECT. I love them. I literally don't think there is a better drugstore formula eyeshadow out there, and at £7.99 for 12, you're not gonna get much cheaper. 
So, the shimmers. Well, aside from the fact it's named after Otis Redding, which guarantees me loving it... OTIS RED DUDE. LIKE SERIOUSLY. RED SHIMMER. Where has this been all my life??? And Aretha Orange? Oh man. In case you can't tell, I am totally enamoured of this palette and I will not apologise for being majorly freaking excited :D  
Gladys White - James Brown
Roberta Black - Vandellas
 To shorthand it: go to Superdrug - or - and buy this. Right now. You won't regret it. If you're scared of brights, you can use the matte neutrals as a pale wash of colour along the lid, along with some James Brown in the crease (JAMES BROWN IN THE CREASE PAHAHA) and use a bright as a liner with a narrow, stiff brush. Oh I could try and talk sense for a little while...but I cannot. This is so freaking beautiful. Just buy it. Go on. I won't tell anyone. 
Shalamar - Count Basi Beige
Cameo Cream - Motown Mink

Aretha Orange - Otis Red
O'Jays - New Jack Pink

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