Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sleek Curious iDivine Palette

 I bought this palette at "Cheveux" on Williamson Street in Liverpool. They sell discontinued and discounted Sleek products and I picked up this iDivine palette for only £4.88! It's a shimmer palette with a mixture of colours, darks and neutrals. It's really pretty and pigmented - I wasn't expecting much as Sleek palettes haven't always been such good quality. The finishes range from high shimmer to satin. There is a fair amount of fallout, even when swatching, but I'm going to let them off because it's the really soft texture of these shadows which I have the feeling is going to make them really really easy to blend. The colours are brilliant, and I am so excited to use that yellow! 
Hope you enjoy this and if you get a chance, do check out "Cheveux". They sell mostly Afro hair products but a small amount of cosmetics too, and all at very reasonable prices. 

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