Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesday Tumblr Roundup

So here's something I'm doing... a Tuesday Tumblr Roundup. It's mostly going to be nail art, but I will throw some feminism in occasionally, just so you know!

These gold swallow nails are just beautiful. Maybe it's because I have swallows tattooed on myself but I love this design, and the gold and blue is a lovely combination. I'm totally rubbish at freehand nail art which breaks my heart right now because I want this on my nails EVERY DAMN DAY.

Chalkboard Nails did these wonderful cross stitch nails using nude, turquoise and hot pink. I use turquoise and hot pink in eye looks as well and it's such a brilliant combination. This nude is lovely and I love the pop of colour. Neon and nude has been a massive trend the past season for nails and it actually works a lot better than you'd think!

I have to include these nails because of the wonderfully geeky blog name: One Nail To Rule Them All. Although every time I read the blog title I think it says Rule The Mall. Ha. So this nail art actually looks pretty achievable. I reckon with a dotting tool, I could go for it! Maybe sometime... I have very low confidence with nail art but I keep trying!

And two non-beauty related items....

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on how to play a young Bruce Willis.

So the cursor on this is hella irritating, but this article made me cry.

Alison. xxx

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