Monday, 27 August 2012

Top 10 Products (1-5)

- I will be adding a video to this post at some point -

So when I asked for suggestions on what kinds of things people might want to see on a beauty blog, someone mentioned my Top 10 products. This instantly got me thinking. I do love reading posts like this for other people, and made me wonder what I might put on the list. I think it might change at some point but for now, here is my all-time, top 10, most amazing products EVAR. Turns out this is now in two parts because I do like to talk!

1) Urban Decay Primer Potion
Such a clich├ęd choice now but for me it remains the only eye primer I have bothered trying because it does everything I want it to and more. Available in four different finishes (my favourite is Greed, gold shimmer), each giving a slightly different effect, UD's primer gives a smooth base and vibrant crease-free colour for hours. The longest I've tested is 10 hours and even complicated, blended eye-looks with three or more colours still look basically perfect. I find it makes blending easier, really important when you're new to it. Another reason I love it is Greed is shimmery and instantly adds more glitter to whatever eye look you're creating. And I do love glitter!

2) Lanolips Lip Ointment With Colour (Sunshine)
This is tinted enough to be used as a lip look in itself but I just apply a coat every few days before I go to bed. I have suffered from dry lips in the past and used to be obsessed with always having lip balm with me. When you're like me and you love matte lipsticks and long-lasting formulas dryness can be a major problem - and adding lip balm reduces the efficacy of these products! So applying this at night is brilliant, it soaks in while I'm asleep and I haven't had any problems at all with dry skin since I started using it. I also love it as an emergency treatment for my cuticles when they are very very dry. Apparently nipple balm is a decent enough dupe for this - as is anything with a high lanolin content - but, um, I just can't.

3) Urban Decay Blackout eyeshadow
So I go on lots of beauty blogs and apparently people have an issue with finding black eyeshadow with a nice texture and decent enough texture. I have never had this problem, because way way back a long time ago I bought the Urban Decay Black palette, which has this beautiful black shadow named Blackout. It is the ultimate. It is the Holy Grail of black eyeshadows. Even blends with very light shadows beautifully. God, I love it. I JUST LOVE IT.

4) Brow powder
I'm not specifying which brand because this is such a personal thing, in terms of what shade you want to use, and even whether you prefer wax, powder, pencil...but I do truly believe that if you are doing a make-up look, it just is not finished until you have eyebrows. Skip anything you like, but do not skip eyebrows. Granted, this may be because I'm from Liverpool, but seriously, eyebrows are important. Not having your eyebrows done when you've done the rest of your face is like hanging a picture on the wall with a manky old frame. I've relaxed on how much I pluck or wax or thread my eyebrows because I have an unnatural horror of them all falling out when I hit 40, so I definitely like using sealing gel or wax in order to fix them down a little, because they are pretty hairy. But yeah, it's important.

5) Sleek i-Divine eye palettes
Oh, Sleek... How I adore these things. 12 eyeshadows for £7.99. I'll just say that again. It's 12 eyeshadows for £7.99. And they're usually beautifully soft and pigmented, with a couple of bum shades in each palette. My favourites are the Monaco and Ultra Mattes Brights. The shimmers are always beautiful, and since the two Ultra Mattes palettes have been released the formula of their mattes has improved so much. I adore these palettes and in terms of value for money they are basically second to none. If you're trying to start or expand your eyeshadow collection, these are the best place to start. They have limited edition and permanent palettes, and whilst availability in Superdrug isn't always brilliant - not that they don't have them but they've usually been attacked by teenagers - but the Sleek website is pretty awesome.


  1. Next five please! Ahaha so happy you're doing this its unreal! Lucee xxx

  2. Lucee, thank you for pushing me! Wouldn't have done this without your encouragement... let's see how it goes! xxx